So much anger —
It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere!

I followed the New York Times comment thread on Hurricane ‘Irene’, all 400-plus comments that were posted during the storm, and it was the angriest thing I’ve ever seen. Everybody just slamming each other.

Where does all this anger come from?
We’re obviously angrier than we know (consciously).

In this Podcast 62 PZ explores the wide reach of human anger, and its irrepressibility.
He asks the question, Is there anyone or anything you’re not angry at?

There’s an answer to that. It reveals a lot. Tune in to hear about anger and love, and why there’s really not “a thin line between love and hate” (Pretenders).

Incidentally, Mary and I actually witnessed Chrissie Hynde in person at the Ritz one night jumping off the stage and socking a male fan. It was in the middle of “Brass in Pocket”. It really happened. She laid him out good.
Then she climbed back on the stage and started in to “Mystery Achievement”.

Listen here.