Or is it?

One thing sex apparently is, is Christianity’s nightmare.

Whatever one thinks about sex or issues related to sex, it seems to represent a credibility problem these days for the “faith once and for all deliver’d”.

In this podcast I don’t argue against or in favor of any specific attitude or position. Rather, I affirm the significance of the bodily, instinctual, and sexual aspect of life, for the way we live, for everyday grace in practice. Sex, however you understand it, is a deal breaker in human relationships. It animates, often unacknowledged, a host of decisions people make.

You could say that the hope of bodily love — bodily communication — is something no one can do without without becoming unhappy. Wylie said that “the act is the quintessence of interpersonal relations” (The Magic Animal, p. 247). Misunderstandings concerning it, or bad human feelings reserved for it, create unhappiness, whether you’re a character in a novel by George Eliot or a person in perpetual ‘burning, burning” (The Trammps).

Podcast 61 is a Wachet auf appeal — probably a failed appeal — to functional sleepers, to wake from a silent and sometimes lifelong Alptraum.

Listen here.