As we mentioned last week, we’ll be alternating the Monday Morning PZ’s Podcasts blurbs with our new Hopelessly Devoted column. The podcast schedule remains weekly, however, which means that each post will now contain blurbs for two episodes.

Episode 63: One Step Beyond

This ancient television show was so profound, and so unsettling. John Newland directed every episode, during its three seasons in the years 1959 – 1961; and introduced most of them, sometimes even interacting with the characters.

The show was a keeper. Why? Because it understood about pain. Almost every episode featured long closeups of individuals in unbearable anguish — usually the anguish of mourning or the anguish of rejection. Then it would usually sound an odd note of hope, in its conviction that love is a kind of “collective unconscious” or voice that is trying to be heard, even from the distant or the dead.

“One Step Beyond” was a psychological treatment of the supernatural rather than a fantasy treatment. As such, its pastoral understanding was ahead of its time, highly compressed, and searing. In fact, I hope you don’t watch “One Step Beyond” — not one single episode. (Though they are mostly available on YouTube, and have been available on DVD for years, albeit in muddy and scratched (public domain) prints.)

The pastor in you, the consulting psychiatrist who exists inside most pastoral people, will not believe your eyes. And the distantly hopeful denouements might could etch themselves forever in your memory.

Again, Don’t Watch These. At least the ‘high value’ ones mentioned in this podcast.

Listen here.


Episode 64: My New Law Firm (to be released on Weds 9/28)

Three of my friends have set up a law firm in town — with branches in Everytown, USA. It is the new law firm of “Scrambling, Rattled & Bracing P.A.”.

These guys are on the job. FOR YOU.

They’ll Scramble to contain your problems. They’ll be Rattled by whatever rattles you. And they’re Bracing for whatever contingencies are on the way.

They’ll do everything in their power to contain your “issues”.

(Tho’ I also have to tell you, they’re not a good investment. I happen to know, they’ve lost every case they’ve taken so far, at least on appeal. They’ll promise you the moon, but, well, they just don’t deliver.)

Yet here is their calling card, and maybe they should have at least one ‘cast’ in order to make their case.

Oh, and they’ve put some giant billboards up, down here on I-4 in Florida. And Don’t Forget the Motor City.