What do you do with the shattered fragments of the Body of Christ, shiver’d and torn in pieces by the carnivorous theological acrimony of recent years?

I think basic questions are in order, and a definite, conscious tilt to a new way of doing business.

Today’s podcast examines what theologians call the Doctrine of God. The text is Act Two, Scene VI of “The Green Pastures”, that radical achievement in Biblical Theology which Graham Greene called “as good a religious play as one is likely to get in this age…”

We have a man on earth, name of Hezdrel, teaching De Lawd about His very Mind. Played by the same actor (Rex Ingram), God and His New Man share the same Image, even as Hezdrel calls forth Something from God that He scarcely knew was there. Hezdrel calls forth from God: Mercy!

Reconciliation is the name of this new game — reconciliation which proceeds “from a whisper to a scream”.

A quick look at Andreas Osiander (1498-1552) tells a similar story about De Lawd and his Mind. Osiander was completely creamed and destroyed for simply attempting to give a little emotional heft to the Doctrine of God, when many of his contemporaries were conceptualizing to the point of no conjunction with people pastorally. Osiander tried to bring a little harmony to the world, but you’d have thought he was calling for a return to the Eighteenth Amendment. The way he was torn to shreds — Osiander introduced Thomas Cranmer to his wife, for crying out loud — makes you almost have to declare his opponents off-sides.

Podcast 60 is a modest proposal. Will it receive a B+ for effort? I think it will get a D.

Listen here.