Taken from Christoph Blumhardt and his Message, pg 98:

“The history of God’s help is shown in deeds which we have done nothing to bring about. When the day comes that we are in the kingdom of heaven and when the last jolt has come, we will be surprised, if we look back once more, at how much God had to intervene for us. Even against our will He had to use His power to save us. God, who is in heaven, comes to meet us. He forces His way more and more toward us until He breaks through into this world.

This is God’s intention in His efforts for us. Help will be delayed, and misery will not be overcome, until the barriers between eternity and this world are broken through. A hole must be made from above downwards, not from beneath upwards. Christendom sees it just the other was round. Christians see nothing but holes upward to get away from the world; they want to fly away like doves and be saved. But according to the Bible the holes must be broken through from above downwards, in order that help can fly down to our earth. At present it costs a terrific fight for that to happen again. Do you know why? Because nobody believes it. They all want to get away and be saved, and they don’t even know what is beyond. They even hurry to die; but when they get there they rub their eyes. It hurts me that Christians generally don’t understand this. That is why things go from bad to worse.”