From Culture and Value:

“Christianity is not a doctrine, not, I mean, a theory about what has happened and will happen to the human soul, but a description of something that actually takes place in human life. For ‘consciousness of sin’ is a real event and so are despair and salvation through faith. Those who speak of such things (Bunyan for instance) are simply describing what has happened to them, whatever gloss anyone may want to put on it.”

“Predestination: it is only possible to write like this out of the most dreadful suffering — and then it means something quite different. But for the same reason it is not possible for someone to assert it as a truth, unless he himself says it in torment. — It simply isn’t a theory. — Or, to put it another way: If this is truth, it is not the truth that seems at first sight to be expressed by these words. It’s less a theory than a sigh, or a cry.”