Love that is looking for change in the person being loved, fails.

If you’re trying to change somebody by means of your love, it’s not going to work.

Have you tried recently? Have you tried to change someone by means of your love?
Even if you’re keeping it to yourself — “it” being some imaged result of what you want to have happen in the person’s life — it still won’t work. Love in order to be love has to be separated from “desired outcomes.” Love that is love is not looking for desired outcomes.

This is true empirically, since people who are the ‘objects’ of love can always tell, or feel, that this is what they are — that they are the object of someone else’s plan. This is also true empirically because when you’re loved without regard to an outcome, you become free. Blissfully, unboundedly free.

The Police said it. Jesus said it. St. Paul said it. “Doc Martens” said it. Brian Wilson said it. Michael Jackson said it. ‘Joe Lamb’ said it.

Podcast 52 is about the love that is grace really. No hope of transformation, no being in the business of “changed lives”. Just love, dans un etat pur.

This podcast is dedicated to John Stamper.

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