The next in our series of posts featuring our favorite PZ quotes:

Paul once said in a sermon: “Give me love not a labyrinth!”

Prayer labyrinths are popular these days. But what we need is not a circuitous route to God, or a progressive journey closer to the divine. We need the direct and unmediated love of Christ straight to the sinner. We cannot get ‘closer’ to God than when at the right time Jesus died for the ungodly. The love of the gospel breaks right through the labyrinthine barriers we set up. It breaks through the exceptions, caveats, conditions, and limits we put on love from God and especially for others. We need to be reminded that the Gospel is for sinners and delivered right to your door. It is not something one takes a pilgrimage to find or one earns partially over time with prayer and study. The complete package of the love of God in Jesus Christ here for you now. At the beginning and the end.

So please, Christians of the world, when you speak of the Gospel be direct, “Give me love not a labyrinth.”