Nothing screams for the Theology of the Cross like The Bachelor, The Kardashians, and Teen Mom. In this workshop, Romantic Reality and the Theology of the Cross for a Postmodern Generation, we will look at  today’s uniquely postmodern youth culture through the lens of reality television and romantic comedies. Then we will examine how Martin Luther’s Theology of the Cross outlines the crucial approach for ministering to  this generation and communicating the gospel of grace. Whether it is the description of sin, the engagement of suffering, or simply the overall obsession with romantic love (and failure to achieve it in any lasting way) Luther’s theological insights provide the best tools for connecting with postmodern youth. This workshop will be particularly useful for people working with youth or college students, parents trying to understand their adolescent child, or folks whose guilty pleasure is watching reality television and romantic comedies. Don’t miss your chance to register today.