Roy Orbison’s heart-wrenching song about love and loss, the lengths any tragic hero will go to for what will actually kill him in the end, or leave him/her in the pits of loneliness and despair. Reminiscent of such a depiction of addiction, where “any kind of behavior that willpower has proved insufficient in controlling or curbing–workaholism, manic-depression, compulsive exercise, obsessive parenting, road rage, to name just a few–offers a relevant glimpse into the problem of life.” To further dampen the eyelashes, check out Chris Isaak’s version.


“I gotta go deep and find the ones just right,
I’ll bet my Leah will be surprised tonight
I’ll place my pearls around the only girl for me:

“But something’s wrong, I cannot move around.
My leg is caught, it’s pulling me down.
But I’ll keep my eyes shut tight, for if they find me,
They’ll find the pearls for Leah.

“And now it’s over, I’m awake at last,
Old heartaches and memories from the past,
It was just another dream about my lost love,
About Leah.”