I personally was really hoping that the 4th Annual Mockingbird Conference would finally be all about end time prophecy, and my break out session was going to be entitled “Are You Rapture Ready?” Alas, that is not the case so instead I will be leading a session on apologetics. I am a firm believer in the apologetic task; however this session will not be a fact seminar where one is given a bunch of proofs for Jesus’ resurrection, and the validity of the New Testament (although believe me the facts and the evidence exist).

Instead this session on apologetics will operate from the foundation that no one can be convinced of the Christian faith, because when it comes to Christianity humans are always on the defensive. Therefore the apologist must be astute and in touch with the world around him, in order to break down those barriers through cultural connection, humor, and love. Essentially this session will discuss apologetics from a pastoral perspective and how one might build a bridge between their own cultural interests and the truths claims of Christianity in order to, like a bullet, break down barriers and effectively pierce the human heart.

This is going to be an amazing conference so register today!