From the Australian power-pop-alternative-rockers The Temper Trap. Get ready for some ridiculously infectious hooks and the sweet pipes of Indonesian-born Dougy Mandagi (and a lot of fluorescent lighting).

Lyrically, the song is alternatively desperate and hopeful–the world’s “comin’ down hard,” so you reach out your hand for a rescue. This nexus of despair and hope is something we talk about a lot here in theological terms: simul justus et peccator. We are both saved and sinners. We are human, and loved.

A sample:

bless this mess
we tried our best
that’s all that we can do
while the angels walk
with the lonely ones
in the cold rain to rescue you
and this fable world’s comin’ down hard
the wall’s comin’ down hard
on all our homes
so hold a hand for cover