Lest all the anti-New-Years-resolutions sentiment come across as pure party-poopery, I give you four songs in keeping with the holiday, two of which are downright joyful:

1. The best of all-time, without question – sorry, Bono – is The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year”, covered here by The Avett Brothers:

2. I didn’t think it was possible, but Slaid Cleaves’ prayerful (and considerably more Mbird-friendly) “One Good Year” gives The Zombies a run for their money, sort of the peccator to their justus:

3. Let’s face it though – the aforementioned “New Years Day” from U2 is pretty darn great. Great enough, even, to transcend Bono’s short-lived blond phase:

4. Last and definitely least is George Harrison’s hoarse “Ding Dong,” the video for which is a delightful, rarely seen, and surprisingly non-Hare Krishna romp about new wineskin-style hope:

Then again… (ht JD):