Announcing PZ’s First Podcast of 2011

Time to “Escape” on that “Wheel in the Sky”, time for some “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ “, time to “Open Arms” and “Send Her My Love’, maybe even time to “Be Good to Yourself”.

One thing they’ve taught us, and we’ll never stop knowing it, because we’ve been “Raised on Radio” : “The Girl Ca(h)n’t Help It”. (That was their greatest song, by the way.)

Journey’s been on my mind for so long.
They render all other rock ‘n roll music after, say, 1985, superfluous.
After Journey there’s nothing more to say, nothing more to be said.

I really believe this, and believe I can prove it.

Come with me, and take a Voyage, to the Bottom, of the Sea.
Whether I can make my case — it really doesn’t matter. But I’m going to try.
I won’t stop believin’.

For their classic, uproarious Behind The Music moment, watch from the 10 minute mark: