A little bit of fun from youtuber swoozie06, a former employee at Disney’s MGM studios. It’s definitely worth a smile if you have 11:26 to watch the whole thing. Swoozie deconstructs a bit of the Disney theme park “magic” by sharing how employees will “snap” from all the forced smiles and fake joy their jobs demand of them. And like our friend from JetBlue Airlines, swoozie works hard to make his exit from Disney employment memorable. It just goes to show you, the command to smile and make magic for the tourist does not provide the ability to smile and make magic, but instead incites rebellion to do the opposite.

A few excerpts for those who don’t have the time to watch it all:

“Now the people I didn’t like working with: ‘the snitches,’ and lemme tell you, Disney snitches are the worst! Their sole objective when they come to work is pretty much just to rat and snitch on everybody else.”

“One day, I came into work, and they put me outside my ride, and I wasn’t in a particularly smiley mood, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the other greeter there, tapping his foot, his hands on his hips, and he’s all like ‘humf,’ and I watch him go over to the phone, and a few minutes later, a manager shows up. Anyways, I got reprimanded that day”

“Disney knows what they’re doing- they kind of brainwash their employees- and it’s not a natural thing. I mean, to smile for eight hours a day, every day? and to listen to that same [It’s a Small World Theme] every single day? There’s gonna be some side effects…”

“I started showing up late. On purpose… and nobody would notice! Then I had to step it up a little bit… I start stealing. Nothing too crazy, I don’t want to get into any serious trouble, so what do I steal? Pencils (I’m Disney brainwashed right? So stealing pencils is a big deal!) and obviously nobody noticed… In front of the Indiana Jones Show we have a magnetic clipboard where they post the show times- no more 8:30 shows. I stole all the 8:30 show magnets.”