Have you heard the Portsmouth Sinfonia?

You see, The Portsmouth Sinfonia was founded by an English art school in 1970. Oddly, its primary requirement was that the musicians not be…well… musicians, or at least not play the instrument to which they were assigned. This reminds me of what I put my parents through for nine years of semi-annual school orchestra concerts (not to mention practices).

But why expose anyone to this abysmal cacophony of Nixon era ear horror? Because they took it seriously. Just as we take seriously our daily moral efforts and supposed petty superiorities. The music presents itself as if it was as beautiful as the New York Philharmonic. There is no irony. With its chin held high the Sinfonia smashes its way through some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed, distorting and defiling their original beauty. 

Have you ever wondered what our righteousness would “sound” like to God apart from the work of Christ? Well here it is.

Isaiah 57:12:
“I will expose your righteousness and your works, and they will not benefit you.”

Heidelberg Disputation:

Thesis 3.
Although the Works of man always seem attractive and good, they are nevertheless likely to be mortal sins.

Thesis 4.
Although the works of God are always unattractive and appear evil, they are nevertheless really eternal merits.

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