Are you familiar with the German band CAN?  They are legends in the world of alternative/hipster music (and with good reason), a bit like the German equivalent of the Velvet Underground.  Their best lp is probably Ege Bamyasi, which you should get.

They recorded much of their music in a castle and featured the odd-ball singing of Damo Suzuki in their peak years, a homeless Japanese man they discovered singing on a street corner and made their lead singer.  Can’s awesome drummer, Jaki Liebezeit, recorded with, among others, David Bowie & Brian Eno.  Holger Czukay is still releasing excellent music on Mudd’s amazing Claremont 56 label.

So, here’s the thing: In a typically inexplicable move, Can recorded their own version of Silent Night/Stille Nacht.  Check it out: