A quick wracking of the brain brings these picks to mind (in alphabetical order):


The Book of Eli. On the bible: “Don’t you see? It’s not a book, it’s a weapon!”
Get Low. Love Robert Duvall! Deep, moving, forgiveness and the lack of it, telling the whole story once again. Plus, Bill Murray is so funny in this one.
Inception. Thought it was awesome until I saw the south park episode about it.  I just hope the director had a correct answer to the end in mind.
The Kids are Alright. Hilarious, thought-provoking, phenomenal acting.
The Social Network. Eerie, smart, made me feel bad for not being a 25-year-old billionaire, but proud of my brother Simeon, who is the theological equivalent.
Toy Story 3. First viewing is the best.
Tron 2. Just what I was hoping for.  What on earth were people expecting if not this?! The light-cycle race in 3-D was worth the price of admission.
True Grit. Got my attention the moment the narrator said: “Nothing is free in this world, except for the grace of God.” The Stanley Fish piece about it posted on this blog two days ago is a must-read! The end had me in tears. “Look the other way.”

Bored to Death. (no comment)
Community. Thank DZ for introducing me to this. Really creative stuff, sort of tickles the same part of my brain that used to get tickled by Arrested Development.
Friday Night Lights. Best TV by a mile! This show gives me life, like a weekly monergistic grace transfusion.
Mad Men. Season 4 was the best season yet.
Parenthood. Friday Night Lights moves to San Francisco, I kid you not.  Same folks behind it actually. This show has flaws, but it’s heart is as big as Texas and it brings me to tears in almost every episode.

Music (songs):

Air – So Light Her Footfall (Breakbot remix) (youtube)
Architeq – Into the Cosmos (youtube)
Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (youtube)
Caribou – Odessa (youtube)
Escort – Cocaine Blues (youtube)
LCD Soundsystem – Home (youtube)
Lindstrom & Christabelle – Lovesick (youtube)
Carl Sagan (ft. Stephen Hawking) – A Glorious Dawn
Sea Change & Power – Yesterday is Dead
David E. Sugar – Party Killer
Al Usher – Hilversum (youtube)