A couple days late of the 30th anniversary of his death, but with added feeling:

1. Jealous Guy – The Faces. Rockin’ Rod and crew proved their impeccable taste in solo-Beatles when they followed up their brilliant cover of “Maybe I’m Amazed” with an equally brilliant version of “Jealous Guy”:

2&3. Come Together. One of my least favorite Lennon songs has inexplicably been given the deluxe treatment by not one but three of my heroes. Of special note is the fact that in 1994 it marked Axl’s final public appearance before disappearing for six years.

A few years before in the Moonwalker movie, Michael Jackson also paid tribute in a disappointingly faithful but still pretty fun (if completely misread) version:

4. Nowhere Man – Paul Westerberg. About 100x better song (and cover) than “Come Together,” some might argue that this Paul was the real American heir to Lennon’s heart-on-sleeve vulnerability and connective genius.

5. I’m Losing You – Lennon with Cheap Trick. Not strictly a cover, but a posthumous video for the version that he recorded with them before his death. Why he didn’t release this is beyond me.

Bonus Track: Many Rivers To Cross – Harry Nilsson. The stirring opening track from the “lost weekend” record Lennon produced for his friend Harry Nilsson, Pussy Cats. Lennon’s yelps in the final minute tell quite a story. 
Finally, given the season, how can we not post Spector’s last great Lennon moment?