1. The Pensacola Mini-Conference is a mere 11 days away! November 19th and 20th are your long-awaited chances to experience Mockingbird in all its physical, um, glory. The theme is “God’s Grace When We Need It Most: The Gospel For Hard Times,” and we promise it will be more fun than it sounds (you can read the previews of the content here), especially with the Mockingfather himself, Dr. Paul Zahl, speaking! Believe it or not, what we’re most looking forward to is PZ’s pre-conference seminar on preaching/ministry/life – not that any of us need help with our sermons, of course…!

Register today: The cost for the main event is $65/person, $75 for the preaching/ministry seminar, and combined for the ultra-affordable price of $120. If you’d prefer to pay in person, that’s fine, but please email us at info@mbird.com ASAP to save your spot. The ball’s in your court… you know what to do.

Oh and after you register, be sure to check out the reports from Dr. Zahl’s recent pilgrimage to Paducah here, including some truly astounding pictures of a Presbyterian church in Tennessee built during the (very) short-lived Egyptian Revival. No joke! [FYI, in order to give Pensacola his full attention, the maestro has put PZ’s podcast on hiatus until December].

2. The recordings and handouts of the freshly-reworked Mockingbird 101 course, “Good News for People with Big Problems” are now up on our website. Presented by David Zahl during our meetings at Christ Episcopal Church this past Fall, you may listen/download by clicking on the talk titles below. Enjoy:

For a zip file of the whole course, including all the handouts, click here. The overhauled outlines will be available in 2011. 

3. Finally, Mockingbird is gearing up to send out its big year-end letter. If we’ve become a part of your life (in a good way) and you’d like to find out more about our work, please sign up for our mailing list below and we’ll make sure you get a copy. We’ve got a ton of exciting projects planned for 2011, and needless to say, we need your help to make it all happen. The year-end letter will also be the first glimpse you’ll get of our new logo/design. More soon: