“That’s how the old sinner in us dies. God kills the old you each day with kindness. The God of grace keeps showering you with promises and gifts until finally the old you just plain dies of it. It happens as the Spirit working through the Word enables you to say, ” I don’t have to impress God anymore or prove that I can take care of myself. I can count on God to keep the word. I repent-you are the Lord. Do what you think is best.” (Free to Be, 170)

MERE ANGLICANISM 2011 Conference
“Biblical Anglicanism for a Global Future: Recovering the Power of the Word”
in honor of FitzSimons Allison

January 20-22 (Thursday through Saturday)

St. Philip’s Church
142 Church Street
Charleston, SC 29401

To register go to www.mereanglicanism.com
or call Kester Heaton at 843-722-2105.