As part of the preview for our upcoming mini-conference in Pensacola (Nov. 19&20), we are pleased to offer the second talk from Paul Zahl’s wonderful New Persuasive Words DVD. Dr. Zahl will be speaking in Pensacola on the subject of “Revisiting the Gospel Message: Grace Again” and “Connecting With the Gospel In and Through the Culture Around Us.” Believe it or not, these are the only public speaking appearances Dr. Zahl will have made (or will be making) in 2010! He will also be leading a pre-conference seminar on preaching.

Talk two happens to be our favorite in the five-talk series, a real humdinger, and not just because he plugs Mockingbird so hard at the beginning. You don’t really have to have seen the first talk to benefit (though you can, by clicking here). The presentation is broken up into five youtube-friendly segments:

Continue viewing: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 (Q&A).

To register for the mini-conference – the reduced “early bird” price of $65 only applies until November 1st, after which it increases to $75 – go here.

To order a copy of the New Persuasive Words DVD ($20 suggested donation), go here. After selling out in August, we were fortunately able to produce more copies, so supplies are no longer limited.