A Mini-Conference Preview, Part 3: I Don’t Want To Be A Freak (But I Can’t Help Myself)

With the upcoming Mockingbird Mini-Conference now less than six weeks away (!) we continue our […]

Jeff Hual / 10.11.10
With the upcoming Mockingbird Mini-Conference now less than six weeks away (!) we continue our series of posts to familiarize everyone with the conference theme and why we chose it – sort of a preview of what the talks will entail, and one that we hope will grab you (and convince you to register ASAP!). This week’s contribution is a preview of “Grace in Addiction: Help for Those Who Cannot Help Themselves” courtesy of John Zahl and Tom Becker:

Addiction is no laughing matter. The devastation it causes forces us to question the limits of the human will’s ability to conquer life’s most besetting problems. What on earth are people to do when their best efforts seem to fail them?

We will explore the insights of Alcoholics Anonymous in response to this question, and the parallels that unite those insights with the traditional Reformation theology of the 16th Century. We contend that God’s grace is the ultimate antidote to all problems of inner torment and powerlessness, and that re-affirming the reality of a “bound will” also gives birth to a heart filled with compassion.
Add into the mix some hilarious tales of odd counseling techniques, and also a few references to the band Dynasty’s 1979 disco hit: “I Don’t Want To Be a Freak (But I Can’t Help Myself)”, and you’re getting close to the theological picture that will be offered by Rev. John Zahl and Tom “Mr. T” Becker. Although we talk about addiction a lot on this site, and Mockingbird has even recently put together a fantastic publication on the subject (which we advise folks to read in preparation for our presentation), nearly all of our material in Pensacola will be fresh, prepared especially for this event.

We hope you will join us November 19-20 in Pensacola, Florida with talks from Paul Zahl, David Browder, John Zahl and Jeff Hual. But please register soon, because space is limited and filling up fast!

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