Romans 5:20 Now the law came in to increase the trespass . . . .

Overheard last night during debate between ESPN college football analyst Mark May and former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz about South Carolina’s play call late in its game last Saturday versus Kentucky, which resulted in a game ending interception:
May: I totally disagree. You’re Steve Spurrier, you’re on the road in a hostile environment. They called a timeout before the play. You tell your quarterback they’re two things you cannot do.

Holtz: No! No!

May: (1) fumble the ball, (2) throw an interception.

Holtz: No! No!

May: You have the field goal try in the bag. What does he do – he underthrows the fade and throws an interception. You can’t turn the ball over.

Holtz: No! No!

May: Turn the ball over you lose. What does he do? Turns the ball over – they lose.

Holtz: You don’t ever say “Don’t do this!” Because it will happen every time! We’re playing Penn State. I’ve got Tony Rice at quarterback. We put in Jeff Graham. We’ve got the ball on the 3 yard line. I say to Jeff Graham: “I’ve got three points on the board. Don’t take them off. Don’t throw an interception.” Guess what happens. Boom! He throws the interception! I put the thought in his mind. You don’t say don’t do this. . . .

Host John Saunders: It’s like standing on the [golf] tee and saying don’t hit it in the water. It happens every time.