For those who have not given ear to Buddy and Julie Miller, here’s the recommendation. Start with either of these two albums. Both have startlingly strong voices, and have worked with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, and Steve Earle. Currently he’s just co-produced Robert Plant’s new record with his “Band of Joy” project. A beautiful depiction of the power of ‘being lost’ is the single “Fire and Water.” In this depiction we see, rather than a faith that can calm a storm of its own power, a faith that is more like moving forward through the storm. It is this moving forward in the dark that somehow brings “life back again.”

a man can walk – a million miles
and just be standing still
he can close his heart – and believe – he is strong

you were left – with a broken wing
the one – love left behind
in the arms – of the night – with nowhere to go

standing out – out in the rain
looking for – your way home
you walked on – on through the storm
through fire and water – you have come

like a storm carries a seed – away – upon the wind
when it falls to the ground – it brings life – back again

now everything – you longed to see
you hold – in your own hands
and on the wings – of the wind – you ride high