Here’s a wonderful meditation from Salon on the band OK Go and their latest delight (as well as art, joy, simplicity, and other things). Here’s how it begins:

Every couple of years, the mercilessly catchy pop band OK Go comes up with another charming, low-tech video that makes pretty much any Hollywood musical made in the last 30 years look lame. Their latest, “White Knuckles,” which pairs the musicians with an array of trained dogs, is another classic of playful choreography, different from but equal to their other wonderful work. It starts like all their other videos: with the performers standing stock-still, waiting for the music to start. Then they dance. And that’s all there is to it — unless you count the elaborate stacking and unstacking of transparent wastebaskets and the impeccably timed entrances and exits of pooch after pooch, some climbing or jumping on the musicians, others leaping onto chairs and being wheeled through the shot, yet another bounding through a pile of wastebaskets and seeming to hurl itself right into the lens.