One major, and slightly embarrassing, omission to yesterday’s list of upcoming pop-culture events is the October 26th release of Keith Richards’ autobiography (!) Life. Here’s the man himself on books and history – so funny:

Promoting the book (and talking about her recent bout with cancer), Keef’s wife Patti Hanson was interviewed in Vogue last month and came out with the following shocking admission:

“I’m a Christian. I’m a believer. I believe that Christ is God. And Keith questions all that. I think he believes in a God, but he’s not a Christian. And he just gets into this ‘You believe because your parents believed,’ and I’ll say, ‘Don’t do that to me, Keith.’ I have a strong faith. You are sort of brought into it and then you make a choice yourself. It’s my choice. And politics? I definitely want to be an Independent now, but my family is Republican. Keith is essentially a Democrat.” She laughs. “But maybe that’s what makes it work. We make it work.”