I love this cartoon. I’m sure I’m reading too much into it but I can’t help but think this is a perfect commentary on American flavored theology aka, a theology of glory.

Here’s how I see it: Americans tend to view spirituality like a product. Get religion—any religion will do so long as it works for you and you don’t proselytize anyone—and you’re on the road to attaining inner peace and balance. Ultimately, because you’re a good person, you’re bound to wind up getting all the things in life you want and deserve (The Secret anyone?)
This Oprah worldview essentially says the world’s most pressing problems are rooted in the tragic state of being personally unfulfilled. Lucky for you, there’s a remedy for that: lots and lots of money. So here’s what you do. Mix a dash of religion to good old go-getter, All Your Dreams Will Come True Americanism into a blender, press liquify and you’ve got a match made in heaven.
“Ka-ching!” indeed.
On the other hand, a theology of the cross contends that our deepest needs are not met in personal fulfillment but in seeing our self-inflated desires put to death as we’re identified with a guiltless man dying on a cross.
Remember the old saying that those that lose their lives for His sake will find it? As in, you’ve got to die to live? That’s a hard sell. But when the beauty of the cross is seen for what it truly is, you know it’s a miracle.