Proofs that can be derived from this video:

1) We always thought Joel Osteen interpreted the Bible wrong. Now we can rightly assume that he has simply never read it before (especially the New Testament).

2) If Joel Osteen is going to live under the law, at least he has the moxy to live under all of it, including the dietary laws.

3) If I could attain righteousness by switching to Turkey Bacon, I’m still not sure I could attain it.

4) Joel Osteen has moved up on all our lists from nuisance to Judaizer- an old Christian legalist heresy that said Gentiles must become Jewish and obey the Laws of Moses to truly be Christians- a heresy that’s explicitly condemned in the New Testament (see Acts 15, the Council of Jerusalem).

5) Quote of the Decade: “Now, would all y’all quit being so rebellious?”.

Any thoughts on a new MB segment entitled: “Joel Osteen Quote of the Week?” Talk about your low hanging fruit…