From page 66 of the great novel by James Gould Cozzens, italics by Mockingbird:

Mr. Woolf said, “That’s the thing that interests me about history, Judge. Most of what you read’s ex parte — we’re used to studying evidence, so we see that right away. What aren’t they telling you? A lot of men they put up statues of might not look so good if we knew what they really did; or why they did it. Or some of the other things they did that they managed to keep dark or have hushed up.”

“Yes; men, perhaps unfortunately, are men,” Judge Lowe said. … He went on: “If all hearts were open, all desires known; and if no secrets were hid — each of us, I think, might do well to consider just where that would leave him personally, whether he’d still be quite so well regarded as he may be now.”