Mockingbird’s Jeff Dean found this hot story about Sweden’s princess, who has created a scandal by having her father “give her away” at the ceremony:

The controversy surrounds the church’s view that walking down the aisle together shows that the spouses are equal and they take the act of the father giving his daughter away as sexist….

…The church is hoping that this decision by the princess will not encourage other brides to do the same thing. Today, one in 10 Swedish brides are given away….

… “We’ve got a carefully worked-out position on this matter in the Swedish church [said priest and theologian Annika Borg] “and in the future it is going to be very hard for us to resist requests from brides who want to be given away.”


Personally I think the image of stern Swedish clerics forcing their young girls to be free, over and against an impending tsunami of Swedish-girl-rebellion in favor of sexism, is just too marvelous for words. Few things have given me keener pleasure this year.