A quick plug from mockingfriend Cameron Cole for the upcoming Rooted Conference this summer in Birmingham, AL This conference gets the Mbird-endorsement 110%:

One of the more powerful sermons I heard during college had the repeated question, “”Is Jesus enough?” In this context the question about Christ’s sufficiency related to whether the crucified Christ is enough for our justification, sanctification, and satisfaction. The Mockingbird world firmly answers that question with a resounding, “YES!” Sadly, the world of student ministry often answers that question with a qualified “No.” 

So many youth and college groups build their ministry around entertainment, emotional highs, moral directives, and feel-good messages, but with little concentration on the full Gospel. This methodology reflects a theology that states, “The Gospel is not enough. It needs additives and flare.”
Rooted: A Theology Conference for Student Ministry proclaims that the Gospel not only belongs in student ministry, the Gospel forms its only center. Rooted is a conference dedicated to discussion of the Gospel in the context of student ministry. The conference will discuss a way of ministering to students that involves building authentic relationships, proclaiming the great news of the crucified Christ, and depending on the Holy Spirit- not our programs- to move. 
Dates: Tuesday, August 10 – Thursday, August 12, 2010
Cost: $150 (before June 1) and $200 (June 1 forward). The cost includes conference admission and dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Register at www.rootedconference.com.
For Whom: People ministering to students, including youth pastors, college ministers, teachers, coaches, and volunteers.
Host: The Cathedral Church of the Advent, located in downtown Birmingham, is a church emphasizing biblical theology and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
The conference brings together excellent keynotes and workshop leaders from church ministry, academia, and counseling.  
Ashley Null- Olympic games chaplain, Guggenheim Fellow, Cambridge professor
Brian Habig- pastor and founder, Downtown Presbyterian, Greenville, SC; former RUF minister at Vanderbilt and Mississippi State
Angel Richard- Executive Team, Synergy Women’s Network