So much to say about the LOST finale, but for now a quick quote on LOST’s deeply religious ending:

(*WARNING*: Spoilers below)

From Jeff Jensen, of EW:

“I was so moved by Jack’s heroism and sacrifice and the glorious significance of ending where he began, as well as that Doubting Thomas allusion there at the end. (You caught that, right?) (Oh, and appendix scar my ass!) I thought that Hurley was a surprising choice for the new Island guardian–and I loved that Ben had a role as his No. 2. The “resurrection” of John Locke rocked my face, and one of the many moments that had me dabbing my eyes was watching Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson play their last duet together. I loved Ben’s contrition. I loved Locke’s forgiveness. I loved it when Ben told him to stand up and walk again, and Locke did.”

And this was before the finale, but I think it’s safe to say that Jensen’s comparisons between LOST and C.S. Lewis’ “The Great Divorce” are pretty spot on.