Interesting study on both the scope of the unchurched (100 million in the US) and the reasons why they don’t go (Hat Tip to T19). Two quotes:

“Based on past studies of those who avoid Christian churches, one of the driving forces behind such behavior is the painful experiences endured within the local church context. In fact, one Barna study among unchurched adults shows that nearly four out of every ten non-churchgoing Americans (37%) said they avoid churches because of negative past experiences in churches or with church people.”

“The solution, according to Mansfield, is forgiveness – the same forgiveness that Jesus offers to each of us who have wounded Him. Christianity, after all, is about receiving freedom through God’s forgiveness extended to us.”

Also on topic, our upcoming speaker Rod Rosenblatt’s piece “The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church” and our beloved and late Internet Monk’s “Why we must embrace our brokenness and never be good Christians”.