Conference Book Table

As promised, here’s the full inventory of what we had on offer last week. It’s […]

Mockingbird / 4.26.10

As promised, here’s the full inventory of what we had on offer last week. It’s by no means a definitive collection or ‘canon’, just what we were able to gather up in time for the conference. They’re listed in order of author, with links to where you can purchase them. They all come highly recommended!


1. Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book).
2. Brewer, Todd [ed.]. The Gospel According To Pixar. Coming Soon!
4. Hawkins, David. The Useful Sinner.
5. Long, Anne. Listening.
6. Manning, Brennan. The Ragamuffin Gospel.
7. Norris, Sean [ed.]. Judgment & Love: Expanded Edition.
8. Paulson, Steven. Luther For Armchair Theologians.
9. Rosenbladt, Rod. Christ Alone.
10. Walker, Paul. Sermons From The Cathedral Church Of The Advent.
11. Wallace, David Foster. A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again
12. Zahl, David [ed.]. Grace In Addiction: What The Church Can Learn From Alcoholics Anonymous. New!
13. Zahl, Paul. 2000 Years Of Amazing Grace.
14. Zahl, Paul. Who Will Deliver Us? The Present Power Of The Death Of Christ.

Next Steps
1. Allison, C. FitzSimons. Fear Love and Worship.
2. Allison, C. FitzSimons. Guilt Anger and God.
3. Allison, C. FitzSimons. Trust In An Age Of Arrogance. New!
4. Ebeling, Gerhard. Luther: An Introduction To His Thought.
5. Elert, Werner. Law And Gospel.
6. Forde, Gerhard. On Being A Theologian Of The Cross.
7. Greene-McCreight, Kathryn. Darkness Is My Only Companion: A Christian Response to Mental Illness.
8. Holl, Karl. The Reconstruction Of Morality.
9. Lewis, C.S. A Grief Observed.
10. Luther, Martin. The Bondage Of The Will.
11. Martyn, Dorothy. Beyond Deserving: Children, Parents and Responsibility Revisited.
12. Norris, Sean [ed.]. Two Words: Teaser.
13. Pless, John. Handling The Word Of Truth.
14. Senkbeil, Harold. Dying To Live: The Power Of Forgiveness.
15. Zahl, Paul. Grace In Practice: A Theology Of Everyday Life.

Deep Cuts

1. Barnes, Robert. The Reformation Essays.
2. Bayer, Oswald. Justification and Sanctification.
3. Forde, Gerhard. A More Radical Gospel.
4. Greggs, Tom [ed.]. New Perspectives For Evangelical Theology. (feat. Dr. Simeon Zahl’s essay “‘Reformation Pessimism or Pietist Personalism? The Problem of the Holy Spirit in Evangelical Theology”!)
5. Holcomb, Justin. Christian Theologies of Scripture.
6. Holl, Karl. Distinctive Elements of Christianity.
7. Mattes, Mark. The Role Of Justification in Contemporary Theology.
8. Walther, C.F. God’s No and God’s Yes.

1. Eliot, T.S. The Cocktail Party.
2. Giertz, Bo. The Hammer Of God.
3. Hugo, Victor. Les Miserables.
4. Lewis, C.S. The Great Divorce.
5. O’Connor, Flannery. The Complete Stories.
6. Stevenson, Robert Louis. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
7. Tolstoy, Leo. The Great Short Works.
8. Wallace, David Foster. Infinite Jest.
9. Wilde, Oscar. A Picture Of Dorian Gray.
10. Wilder, Thornton. Theophilus North.

1. Dusty Brown. Dusty Brown.
2. High Street Hymns. High Street Hymns.
3. The Magills. And The Kings County Sound.

1. The High Street Hymnal brand new and highly, highly recommended!
2. The Last Days Of Disco [DVD]