Check out these pictures of our gracious host church for the Mockingbird Conference. This church has changed a lot over the years.
Here is what the interior looked like 50 years ago, which is very similar to how it looks today:

This is the rear of the nave, also from about 50 years ago, also very similar to today:

And here is the church interior circa 75 years ago, which is also similar except for the huge organ in the gallery (given in memory of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Morgan):

Now, this next one is my favorite, the interior from 100 years ago. Notice the big, big thing that’s different?
You guessed it…that’s the pulpit front and center. Notice also the stone pillars anchoring much larger galleries. I’m guessing these had to come out when the pulpit was moved.
One more view, 100 years ago looking toward the rear:
Yes, that is a third iteration of the gallery organ! This original gallery organ was the first non-cased organ in the country.
Saint George’s has had such a rich history over the last 150+ years in their current location. It’s fascinating to see how much has changed…and yet how much remains the same.