I was driving back to Atlanta tonight and I heard a song that has just inched its way into the charts. It’s called “Smile” by Uncle Kracker (yes, he’s country and to the right).

Love songs, in my view, are one of the ways God speaks, a kind of Radio Free Europe broadcast to a world held by the Enemy. It’s a way God speaks to Christians too — because we can get numbed, imprisoned by religious practice, religious speech. (Ever wondered why certain VERY religious Christians seem to be light years from the Gospel?)

In a love song, God speaks “under the radar.” And we get to hear in a fresh way what it means for the Beloved (the singer) to get his entire identity from the One who loves him. No work, no try, no do. No self-generated willed anything. The language of love (and every real love song) is always about how YOU MAKE ME _____.

Take a listen (the video has the lyrics too) — and if you like it, listen again after Easter.