1. Run don’t walk to Lutheran Theology and read our very own JDK‘s “A Brief Introduction To Faith And Works”. It’s a stunning accomplishment and a great “next step” for those of you interested in the theology which informs our perspective. Bravo! One stirring excerpt from the end:

“Only work done in the faith and security of God’s promised mercy towards us is a good work. Period. The seeming ambiguity of this position is profoundly unsettling, because it removes any ability we have to measure our “progress” in the Christian life, takes the ruler of introspection out of our hands and forces our eyes on the Cross. We can neither look to works as meriting our standing before God, nor can we rest in a false distinction between justification and sanctification, as if that helps.”

2. ‘Adorable’ is not a very rock-n-roll kind of word (or attribute). But somehow She & Him make it so… The video for their snappy new single “In The Sun” being a prime example:

3. PZ’s “Visions Of The Joan-Girl” appeared yesterday at mardecortesbaja. A profound reflection on a letter that Jack Kerouac wrote to Neal Cassady in 1951 about an experience he had in St Patrick’s Cathedral. Among other things, the post touches on the meaning of tears in church (and tears in general). Must read.