So I stumbled across at work the other day (I promise, only on my lunchbreak) and discovered the best cache of fully working java clones of 8-bit Nintendo game classics I’ve ever seen. And I can still say that Mega Man 2 may be the best video game of all time (seriously).

There were a whole bunch of games I didn’t recognize, but one in particular caught my eye:

Spiritual Warfare!

My 9 year-old self could have kicked some serious A in Sunday School if I had had the chance to hone my chops on this Legend of Zelda-style classic. From the Wikipedia Article:

The player controls a young Christian whose town has been infested with demons apparently under the command of Satan himself. His task is to purify and convert the denizens to Christianity. Strewn about the town are the Fruit of the Spirit, taken from Galatians 5 and represented allegorically by five fruits (pears, pomegranates, apples, grapes and bananas). The player may use these to defeat enemies by hurling the fruits at unbelievers who repent immediately upon contact. In order to free the town of the influences of “ultimate source of evil,” the Christian must collect each of the six pieces of the Armor of God, which are guarded by “bosses” that are particularly resistant to conversion. Along the way, the player may collect other helpful Biblical items such as Samson’s Jawbone and Anointing Oil.”

I mean, who needs the tri-force when you’ve got the Trinity?

Perhaps best of all is the music: classic Protestant hymns in all their 8-bit glory! Must be heard to be believed…