From the Christianity Today interview with the wife of disgraced former mega-church pastor/Evangelical leader Ted Haggard. Gayle has just published a book titled “Why I Stayed”. Two relevant soundbytes from the interview (ht AZ):

What do you want individuals and churches to take away from this?

I really want our story to offer hope to people who find themselves in a crisis of any kind. The teachings of Jesus really will guide us through. I also want to challenge the church that what we exist to do is to bring forgiveness and healing to the lives of people, not increase their burden with judgment and scrutiny.

You had been leading a women’s ministry in a church context. Do you see your role differently now?

I see people more compassionately. I didn’t know what it was like to be the person who so desperately needed compassion. I live to share God’s grace with people who really need it.
The message I want to convey is that people are not alone when they go through their darkest hour. They can trust God, and he will not abandon them in the midst of their pain. With him, they’ll never be alone. His love does cover a multitude of sins.