So, it’s winter and I’m depressed. This happens every year. I hate the cold weather, and this year has been especially cold, by Charleston standards anyway.

Many of you in the Northeast are sneering about now. Thinking, “That Southern boy has it great! Complaining about temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s — Where does he get off?!”
You have a point. Nevertheless, I’m depressed. And it’s not just the weather, I guess. Life sort of sucks. Not much going my way, in MY opinion.

So, like I seem to do every winter, I’m listening to music a lot. Some of you who know me may be thinking…. Chris Knight, Ryan Adams, The Frames. Hell no. That would just make me more depressed.

I’m listening to my favorite music genre…. Punk.  Punk Rock is a total lie, mostly. Although the Punk scene, (and I mean REAL Punk) totally has the anthropology nailed (ie. Romans 7), the answer to said conundrum, however, is bleak. To say the least. Totally relies on action. Anarchy. Which requires effort. Count me out.

Anyway, I’m listening to The Clash’s brilliant cover of Bobby Fuller’s “I Fought The Law”. What a great tune. And so poignant and true to life:

I fought the Law… and the Law won.

So true in my life. Maybe not for you, but for me, spot on. What I was thinking about earlier, though, while listening, was this:

If it was just “The Law” (shivers up and down your spine) that I was up against, in Word, I’m not so afraid. It’s when the Law comes at me in everyday life that I’m terrified. I know what I ought to do, and I know what I ought not to do, and I believe that I’m forgiven for my “shortcomings”. But other people don’t. And other people won’t. And that is horrifying. To me, anyway.

So, the Comfortable Words anyone?