After years of flirting with Christianity, it appears that Richard Ashcroft (singer of seminal shoegazing britpop band The Verve) is going public with his faith. The subject of the new single “Are You Ready?”, released under his The United Nations Of Sound moniker, is – you guessed it – the second coming of Christ. Thankfully the song itself rocks, a slightly grittier take on the Northern Soul/Gospel/Groove he’s been pursuing in his solo work. The video cracks me up – sort of a Mike Tyson’s Punchout take on the “Bittersweet Symphony” clip, complete with a Sympathy For the Devil guitar solo and a lot of praying. Check it out:

Best line:
Yes I’m ready cause I’ve lived a life of sin
And I heard that us sinners have got a chance with him

Nine Favorite Ashcroft Tunes Other Than Bittersweet Symphony
1. History
2. The Drugs Don’t Work
3. Songs For Lovers
4. Lonely Souls (w/UNKLE)
5. The Miracle
6. Man On A Mission
7. On Your Own
8. Science Of Silence
9. (Could Be) A Country Thing City Thing Blues Thing