One of my favorite “grab a quick bite” restaurants in Charleston is run by a little Korean lady named Mama Kim. Mama Kim is a born again Christian who is very religious and who takes her faith quite seriously – to the point where she has several mission and outreach donation jars that make the tip jar almost invisible. She is very opinionated and sometimes will change your order if she doesn’t like what you have ordered. I am a big guy, but sometimes I like to just get one of her smaller items called a small bowl. If she is working the counter, she never lets me leave with just a small bowl. I end up walking out with gobs of food, but only having paid for the small bowl, go figure… She has a big mouth, but her big heart, giant sense of humor, and endless love for the Lord are worth a million bucks.

I always laugh when I walk into her restaurant because she is all about telling you her opinion and is unashamed in doing so. Notice the door, it looks like any take-out restaurant door with the name adorned on it along with some hand written signs. Take a look at one of the handwritten signs noting the Sunday hours (below). I just love the little bit of Law she gives to all of her customers who enter her restaurant.

If you are ever in Charleston, SC, stop by and see Mama Kim on Calhoun Street across from Marion Square. It is well worth the trip and the food is great! and….Go to church!