April 15-17th at St George’s Church in NYC

Speakers (thus far): Bishop FitzSimons Allison, Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, Dr. Simeon Zahl

Theme: “Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom”

Blurb/Pitch: Guilt, Forgiveness and Freedom are three words which carry enormous weight and power. They color our relationships (to put it mildly), they drive our decision-making, they inform many/most of our problems. And that’s just a start. Please join us this Spring in NYC as we explore what Christianity has to say about these three deeply important realities, their dynamics and their implications. In other words, as we look at the mechanics of change (and the lack thereof) – personally, culturally and most crucial, theologically.

If the past two years are anything to go by, the conference is sure to be a time of immense spiritual edification, as well as warm fellowship and fun. It is open to anyone and everyone – our emphasis at Mockingbird is always on keeping things as down-to-earth as possible – just be sure to pre-register ASAP, as space is limited. Childcare will be provided.

For more details, including cost, visit the Events page of our website (and scroll down). If you would like us to send you flyers for your church/school/community, please email us at info@mockingbirdnyc.com.