Subscribing to Netflix, a mail-order movie rental service, also entitles you to unlimited online viewing (with Mac, PC, PS3, Xbox and, coming, soon, Wii) of a fairly wide selection (thousands) of movies and television shows. From time to time, I will offer my picks of the best of online streaming. Just to put this into perspective, with a Netflix account (they start at $9/month) and a high-speed internet connection, you could watch any of these right now, for free. That is cool.

Today’s picks:
Friday Night Lights, seasons 1-3. Along with Mad Men, Friday Night Lights is my favorite drama on TV today. Revolving around High School Football in small-town Texas, it features a killer soundtrack and the best marriage you will ever see on any screen. An absolute must see. Watch the pilot and you’ll be hooked.
This American Life, season 1. Ira Glass’ much-loved public radio show about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people comes to the screen, to great effect. If you want to know what people are actually like, watch this show.
Dexter, seasons 1&2. If you can stomach a drama about a serial killer, this show compellingly illustrates what we Mockingbirds call the bondage of the will.
A large selection of Kirosawa just became available as well, but I haven’t jumped in yet. Enjoy!