All of the following have enjoyed the heights of success, but unfortunately have now felt the sting of reality. These are empirical proof that “all is vanity and a striving after wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:14).

5-Campaign Wristbands
Whether it be WWJD, Livestrong, or Bono’s One bracelets, the popularity of this clever marketing gimmick has mostly passed. It also doesn’t help that Lance Armstrong placed second at the Tour de France.

4-Susan Boyle (See this post and this post)
With her breakout performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” she was poised for what seemed to be a long and prosperous career. But after finishing second in the show and subsequent nervous breakdown, her future is far from certain. [EDIT- upon further review, Boyle’s album has (quietly) sold millions of copies. So her appearance on this list should probably wait a year or two.]

3-The War in Afganistan
During the 2008 Presidential campaign, the Afghan War was the only war worth fighting. But with increased casualties and doubts about President Karzai’s credibility, this war is becoming as unpopular as the other one.

2-Barack Obama
His first year as president is far from a complete failure (In one guy’s opinion, I think he’s done ok). But with an approval rating south of 50%, Obama is nowhere near as popular as when he was elected.

1-Tiger Woods (see this post)
I don’t really need to elaborate, do I?

Honorable Mentions: Optimism, Alex Rodriguez, Google Wave, and Andre Agassi.