This January 29th and 30th, please join Christ Church Parish and Mockingbird Ministries in Pensacola, Florida as we explore the theme, “God’s Grace in a World of Glory”. Together with our speakers Dr. Mark Mattes and David Zahl, we’ll delve into the theological and cultural underpinnings of how God’s forgiveness finds and transforms us even in the midst of our hectic modern lives. Our approach will be biblically-rooted and Cross-centered, with an emphasis on how the Gospel speaks to the problems and demands of everyday life.

For lots more information, including programs, schedule and nearby accommodations, please visit the Conference Website.

The cost to attend is $20 per person or $30 per couple; children and youth are free. Meals, childcare, and concurrent children and youth programs are included, so please bring the whole family. Anyone and everyone are invited and welcome to attend!

Please register online using the Conference Website’s registration form if you plan to attend so that we will know to expect you.