1. The New Yorker published a posthumous short story from David Foster Wallace this past week, “All That”. A touching look at childhood and the ‘religious impulse’, it is sort of a must-read. The ending is particularly moving.

2. An illuminating interview with friend/theologian Ashley Null over at VirtueOnline about a number of subjects, including the English Reformation, contemporary Anglicanism and modern American culture (trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds…). His distinction between unconditional affirmation and unconditional love strikes me as pertinent to some of the recent discussions on this site re: love & faith (ht TB).

3. An interesting editorial from USA Today about the need for kinder, gentler – female – Atheists (ht JS).

4. In anticipation of the upcoming fourth season of Big Love (1/10/10) – one of our favorites here – HBO has posted “A Juniper Creek Christmas”, which has Roman Grant (the amazing Harry Dean Stanton) and company giving a few well-known carols their own unique perspective. For example, “We Three Kings” becomes – you guessed it – “We Three Wives”. Just don’t tell this guy (ht VH).

5. On a related cult-TV note, The A/V Club recently reminded me of what has to be the most Mbird-friendly Twin Peaks clip:

6. Finally, I am pleased to report that as of this week every post on this site (974 to be exact) has officially been tagged. You can browse via author or subject using the labels at the bottom of the sidebar. Enjoy!