Calling all Mockingbirds in the Southeast – in conjunction with Christ Church Pensacola, we are proud to announce our first ever mini-conference! The event takes place Friday 1/29 – Saturday 1/30 in Pensacola, FL (18 W. Wright St, Pensacola) and will feature talks from none other than Dr. Mark Mattes.

The theme will be “God’s Grace In A World Of Glory”. Together we’ll delve into the theological and cultural underpinnings of how God’s forgiveness finds and transforms us even in the midst of our hectic modern lives. Our approach will be biblically-rooted and Cross-centered, with an emphasis on how the Gospel speaks to the problems and demands of everyday life. We have no doubt that this will be a truly life-changing event!

The conference will run from Friday evening 1/29 at 6:30pm until following day, Saturday 1/30 at 4pm. Meals will be provided. The event is open to anyone and everyone – to rsvp, email Jeff Hual at All other details, including how to pre-register, coming soon.

p.s. This is not to be confused with the annual Mockingbird Conference in NYC, happening April 15-17th, featuring talks from Dr. Rod Rosenbladt and, as we are now excited to confirm, The Rt. Rev. Dr. FitzSimons Allison.