Along the lines of our recent interview with Mark Galli, I’ve been encouraged by the discovery of a few more “voice(s) crying in the wilderness.” Over at everyone’s favorite evangelical-catholic magazine, First Things, I ran into this article by Jared C. Wilson of the blog: gospeldrivenchurch. I highly recommend the whole article, Dude, Where’s my Gospel. Here is the opening:

Gospel deficiency is the major crisis of the evangelical church. The good news has been replaced by many things, most often a therapeutic, self-help approach to biblical application. The result is a Church that, ironically enough, preaches works, not grace, and a growing number of Christians who neither understand the gospel nor revel in its scandal.
And, don’t miss this one (with a better title) The Beautiful Monotony of the Gospel.

Also, be sure to check out the intersection of awesome and rad: this interview by Mark Galli of Mike Horton.

And for something completely different, here is a recent recruitment film for the Unitarians (or at least should be), which proves without a doubt that the God of Majestic Mystery is compassion (ht; enjoy!